Home Working Fabrics

2020 has presented some unforeseen challenges, but it has also given a tremendous opportunity to slow down, pause and do things a little differently, like the increase in working from home. Initially started as a necessity it has now become a flexible option to working.

With reports that more home working is likely to be a permanent fixture for a majority of businesses Inloom Fabrics has launched a home working range that has been certified to be used within a domestic setting and conforms to the highest fire-retardant (FR) standards.

We are leading the way

From the very beginning Inloom fabrics has aimed to provide the highest standards, by supplying the industry with high performance fabrics which are both beautiful and conform to the highest fire-retardant safety standards for commercial use (CRIB5). We are now taking this a step further and leading the way in supplying fabric that is back-coated to meet domestic fire-retardant (FR) standards, perfect for office supplies for home working.

Our Bondai range is a crepe weave synthetic fabric available to order for domestic use, with a flame-retardant backing which ensures that it meets the flammability performance required to meet UK domestic certification. The home working range is available in any of the Bondai colourways, please contact us for minimum order quantities and lead times.   

Most importantly, the treatment used to meet the domestic standards is environmentally-friendly and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 approved, ensuring that the end to end production process is safe both for the environment and for the people who use the product. Ensuring peace of mind for both you and the end-user.

Care and Maintenance

Regular cleaning and vacuuming is recommended to keep the fabric in a good condition, this will help prevent build up of dust and dirt which can act as an abradant and can lead to fabrics wearing out sooner. It is also advised to remove stains out quickly and not to over wet the fabric if using soap and warm water.

For a deeper clean Bondai can be disinfected with solutions containing 75% alcohol as well as any cleaning solutions containing diluted bleach.