We are proud to be launching SEALIFE to our portfolio of growing sustainable fabrics. Working in collaboration with the SEQUAL INITIATIVE to help clean our oceans and beaches whilst transforming marine litter into beautifully crafted fabrics.    

Our oceans are our greatest shared natural resource. Together we can clean, repair and protect them

The global volume of plastic waste continues to grow, such plastic breaks down into microplastics which enters our food chain and has damaging effects to marine animals and our eco system. The time to act is now, SEQUAL INITIATIVE raises awareness of the problem of marine litter and gives visibility to the many people and organisations working hard to clean our oceans.


SEAQUAL INITIATIVE (find out more) is a unique collaborative community that works with ocean clean-up programs around the world to transform the marine litter they recover into Upcycled Marine Plastic; a new, fully traceable raw material with the power to raise awareness of the issue of marine pollution and highlight those helping to fight it. In choosing products containing Upcycled Marine Plastic, you are helping to clean our oceans. 

For every 50m roll of SEALIFE produced, 12Kg of marine litter is removed from our oceans

SEALIFE is a cross-functional yarn created entirely from post-consumer recycled plastics, woven from a blend of 50% SEQUAL® YARN, created from plastics collected from the oceans and beaches, and 50% recycled polyester yarn created from recycled polyester from land plastic (PET bottles).


With a rich colour palette of 12 solid hues and 18 melange tones, SEALIFE is available in pastel, vibrant and natural shades.  View the full SEALIFE range here.

Join the SEAQUAL Initiative 

Every piece of fabric is fully traceable back to the yarn it is made of. It is a system that works as long as every stakeholder of the process is part of SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. If you would like to play your part in protecting the oceans, you can join the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. If your company would like to join SEAQUAL INITIATIVE in our fight against marine litter and have access to SEAQUAL® YARN or fabrics / goods made with SEAQUAL® YARN, it is necessary to become a SEAQUAL Licensee. You can apply for your free SEAQUAL License easily online at

   “Every year, 12 million tons of plastic is dumped

into our oceans” (


By supporting SEAQUAL INITIATIVE you are helping to clean our oceans, support local communities and move society towards a circular economy.