Sustainability is a key priority for inloom, we are therefore committed to offering  fabric ranges which allow for sustainable choices to be made.

Our processes factor in environmental concerns, quality standards and social responsibility. For this reason, we prioritise sustainable product sourcing, evaluating the environmental impact of the textiles and ensuring all our suppliers share the same commitments.

Supplier Selection

Throughout our organisation we continuously take steps to strengthen our sustainable performance both across products and business operations. Integral to this are the suppliers we have chosen to collaborate with, working together to ensure we can offer products with a long service life and are recyclable.

Our suppliers work hard to utilise renewable energy, reduce waste, and limit water and energy consumption. All working together to support the circular economy by considering the environmental impact from beginning to end.

One of our key partners, Fidivi, produces 55% of their own energy via photovoltaic solar panels, and utilises hydroelectric power for another 20%, meaning 75% of energy used at their manufacturing plant derives from renewable energy sources.

Fabric Certification

All of our fabrics are certified to the Standard 100 label by Oeko-tex®, which is one of the world’s leading tests for harmful substances in textiles. The test takes into account numerous regulated and non-regulated substances, that have the potential to be harmful to human health. With this certification you can be certain that the fabrics are nontoxic and harmless to individuals.

A vast selection of our fabric ranges have been awarded the EU Ecolabel. The EU Ecolabel is only awarded when the product's life-cycle is among the best in the market for the particular product category. Based on environmental and functional performance, the main criteria for the award is based on 3 key areas of environmental requirements, 1. types of fibre used, 2. processes and chemicals and 3. fit for purpose of finished product. 

Fabric Selection

The majority of our fabrics are produced from 100% polyester, the mono-material approach makes the recycling process easier and allows us to support and ensure the closed-loop recycling system in the textile industry.

Polyester is extremely versatile, durable and offers superior stretch and upholstery properties. To support our sustainable performance, we continue to introduce fabrics made from recycled polyester. Which offers the same technical and aesthetic performance as non-recycled polyester but has a reduced impact on the environment.

Our fabric offering includes ranges made with recycled PET bottles, PET bottles are sent to a recycling factory, where they are shredded into flakes, processed into chips and then extruded into filaments. This is then turned into yarn ready for weaving.


Time is a very soft to touch fabric with 28 melange colourways and Crib 5 standard. The Time range is made from 100% recycled polyester.


The One range is made from 100% recycled polyester. One is a stretch knit fabric produced with yarns from plastic bottles. With a sporty fresh look, it is suitable for both seating and vertical surfaces in the office environment.

One is available in 40 colours including bright hues and neutral shades, consisting of both solid and two-colours. With their matching colourways One can be combined with our Spazio range which is also made from recycled polyester, to create a statement appearance.

60 PET bottles make-up 1 liner metre of One fabric


Spazio is a 3D knitted fabric also produced from 100% recycled polyester. With a three-dimensional hexagonal structure and a soft feel, Spazio is ideal for soft seating, office pods and vertical surfaces.

Offering sixteen playful and fresh bright colours to add interest to a space. The colour palliate also includes neutral hues. Spazio has the same colour scheme as One and therefore can easily be mixed and matched together.

100 PET bottles make-up 1 liner metre of Spazio fabric