RE-SPUN is our latest collection made from recycling preloved clothing and wool off-cuts, the yarn is recycled back into fibres, spun and woven to be used all over again. Helping set the standards in closed-loop wool recycling. 

Turning pre-loved into re-loved with the launch of     Re-spun

RE-SPUN is created by recycling old garments which are collected from recycling bins and taken to the factories to be sorted into clothes which can be resold as pre-loved or cut into rags to start the production of creating recycled wool. Rags are sorted into colour groups and accessories are removed. The rags are then washed and passed through a mechanical process to be defibrated back to its original wool fibre formation. Watch the video below for the end-to-end process: 

What makes Re-spun sustainable?

The wool for Re-spun comes from an area with a deep-rooted history in recycling clothing, where their methods have been honed over the past 100 years. The sustainability of the process is enhanced by the almost complete elimination of dyes or where needed very minimal dyes because the wool rags are sorted into colour groups. Helping to safeguard the planets natural resources, contributing to the reduction in water consumption, saving in terms of energy and colouring auxiliaries used and therefore reducing the level of C02 emissions into the atmosphere.

Design your interior with style and sustainability using our recycled wool felt fabric RE-SPUN 

Launching with 42 shades there is a tone for every interior. Suitable for task seating, soft-seating, acoustic panels, curtains & drapery. View the full RE-SPUN range here. 

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